Welcome to the AI Assist for Jira Service Management documentation

Welcome to the AI Assist for Jira Service Management documentation!

Welcome to AI Assist for Jira Service Management, a powerful app designed to streamline your customer support experience. By integrating OpenAI's ChatGPT into your workflow, our app empowers agents to quickly and efficiently resolve customer requests with AI-generated assistance.

Easily create AI Assist requests from within customer requests or enable automatic assistance for new issues. To get started, simply input a valid OpenAI API key (paid subscription required) in your project's settings.

With AI Assist, agents can receive tailored suggestions based on the information provided in customer requests. Choose which fields to include in your AI Assist request, add more context or instructions, and receive an AI-generated response to edit and share with your customer or team.

Take advantage of the AI Assist Settings to customize your experience, enable Auto Suggest for an even faster resolution, and track your usage metrics to optimize support performance.

Get ready to revolutionize your customer support with AI Assist for Jira Service Management.


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User Guide

To learn how to use AI Assist for Jira Service Management, please refer to the User Guide.

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(Project) Admin Guide

To learn how to control AI Assist for Jira Service Management, please refer to the Admin Guide.


If you have any questions about AI Assist for Confluence, please visit the FAQ section.

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An OpenAI API key is a unique identifier that allows users to access OpenAI's advanced language model, ChatGPT, to integrate its capabilities into various applications. AppsFoundry chose to use individual OpenAI API keys to prioritize data privacy, security, and customer control. By using separate API keys, customers can manage their data and costs more effectively, ensuring a secure and tailored experience. For more information on OpenAI API keys, please visit OpenAI's official documentation and guidelines on their website:

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