Advanced PlantUML Usage: Non-UML Diagrams and More

PlantUML isn't limited to UML diagrams! Let's dive into its advanced features, exploring non-UML diagrams and how they can be applied to real-life scenarios.

Gantt Charts for Project Management

Gantt charts are a fantastic tool for project management, visualizing tasks over a timeline. Here's a simple example:

@startgantt [Prototype design] lasts 10 days [Test prototype] starts after [Prototype design]'s end and lasts 5 days [Product launch] starts at [Test prototype]'s end @endgantt


This quickly outlines a project timeline, indicating that testing begins after the prototype design is complete, followed by the product launch.

Mind Maps for Brainstorming

Mind maps help in structuring and organizing thoughts during brainstorming sessions. Let's see it in action:

@startmindmap * eCommerce Website ** User Interface *** Landing Page *** Product Page *** Checkout Page ** Backend *** User Management *** Payment Processing *** Inventory Management @endmindmap


This mind map breaks down the components of an eCommerce website, a helpful guide during planning and development stages.

Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) for Tasks

WBS diagrams break projects into smaller, manageable components. For instance:

@startwbs * Bicycle ** Frame *** Top Tube *** Down Tube ** Wheels *** Rim *** Spokes @endwbs


This breaks down a bicycle into parts, useful in a manufacturing context.

Wireframes for Design

Wireframes outline the layout for a website or app. Here's a rudimentary wireframe:


This wireframe sketches a basic product page, vital during the early stages of website development.

Advanced Features

Some powerful advanced features of PlantUML include:

  1. Skinning and Styling: You can change colors, fonts, line types, and other attributes of elements in your diagrams. This enhances clarity and aesthetics.

  2. Macros: Define reusable components for complex diagrams, saving time and improving consistency.


PlantUML is an incredibly versatile tool. Whether you're brainstorming a new project, planning task timelines, or designing a webpage, it's got you covered. With 'PlantUML for Confluence - Instant Diagrams from Text', you can leverage these advanced features directly within your Confluence pages. Happy diagramming!


Notice: Please refer to our before using the 'PlantUML for Confluence' app to ensure the safe handling of your data.