Data Security & Privacy Statement for 'PlantUML for Confluence'

At AppsFoundry, we understand the importance of data security and privacy, especially when dealing with sensitive information. This statement outlines the data handling practices of our 'PlantUML for Confluence' app, its relationship with the third-party service, and the use of the Custom URL feature.

'PlantUML for Confluence' uses by default to generate diagrams based on user-provided PlantUML code. The app sends the PlantUML code as a hash to, where it is processed and converted into a diagram. Additionally, the app offers a Custom URL feature, allowing users to direct diagram generation to a server of their choice.

Key points to note:

  • Use of Sensitive Data: We strongly advise against using 'PlantUML for Confluence' for diagramming sensitive data. Whether using or a custom server, the hashing process involves sending data externally, which may not be suitable for confidential information.

  • Custom URL Feature: When using a custom URL, the responsibility for data security shifts to the chosen server. Ensure your custom server is secure and understand that AppsFoundry is not liable for any security issues arising from its use.

  • User Responsibility: The use of the app, whether with or a custom server, is the responsibility of the individual user. You are accountable for understanding the potential risks associated with sending data externally and should use the app accordingly.

  • No Liability for Third-Party Services: AppsFoundry does not accept liability for any potential breach of data security or privacy arising from the use of this app. This includes data handling practices of and any custom server used.

We encourage all users to review this statement carefully and use the 'PlantUML for Confluence' app responsibly. If you have any questions regarding this statement or the Custom URL feature, please feel free to contact us.