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Our PlantUML for Confluence app allows you to create and manage diagrams efficiently. To enhance your experience, you can set up a custom URL for diagram generation. This feature is particularly useful if you prefer using a private server for generating diagrams.


To setup a private server, checkout this page: PlantUML diagram server setup guide - PlantUML for Confluence

Accessing the Settings

To configure the Custom URL:


  • Invalid URL: If you encounter an error stating the URL is invalid, check to ensure it starts with https://, includes /plantuml/ in the path, and ends with a /.

  • Error Messages: Pay attention to any error messages you receive. They are designed to be clear and will guide you in correcting common issues.

  • Empty URL: An empty URL field will automatically default to the standard PlantUML server.



Please note that while configuring a custom URL allows for greater flexibility and control, we are not responsible for any misuse or vulnerabilities that may arise from using a custom server.