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Q: What should I do if my diagrams are complex?
A: Complex diagrams might take a longer time to load, and in some cases, might not load at all. We recommend simplifying or breaking down complex diagrams into smaller parts for the best user experience.

Custom URL

Q: What is a Custom URL in PlantUML for Confluence?
A: A custom URL allows you to direct the PlantUML for Confluence app to use a specific, externally accessible server for generating your diagrams. This can be a private server, offering more control over the diagram generation process.

Q: How do I set up a Custom URL?
A: To set a custom URL:

  1. Navigate to Confluence Administration.

  2. Select PlantUML for Confluence.

  3. Enter your server's URL in the Custom URL field.

  4. Save your settings.

Q: What should the Custom URL format be?
A: The URL should start with https://, contain /plantuml/ in the path, and end with a /. For example, for PNG diagrams.

Q: Can I use any server as my Custom URL?
A: Yes, as long as the server is externally accessible and secured with HTTPS. However, ensure that the server supports the necessary features for diagram generation. For mnore information, checkout PlantUML diagram server setup guide - PlantUML for Confluence

Q: What happens if I enter an invalid URL?
A: The app will display an error message guiding you to correct the URL. Ensure it starts with https://, includes /plantuml/, and ends with a /.

Q: Will the app work without a Custom URL?
A: Yes, if no custom URL is provided, the app defaults to using

Q: Are there any diagrams that cannot be generated with a custom URL?
A: The ability to generate specific types of diagrams depends on the server capabilities. Note that SVG format is not compatible with all diagram types, e.g., ditaa diagrams can only be generated in PNG.

Q: Is it possible to revert to the default URL after setting a custom one?
A: Absolutely. Simply clear the Custom URL field in the settings, and the app will revert to the default URL.

Q: What are the security implications of using a custom URL?
A: While a custom URL offers greater flexibility, it's important to ensure that your server is secure. We are not responsible for any security issues or vulnerabilities that may arise from using a custom server.

Q: Can I use the custom URL feature to share diagrams?
A: The custom URL is primarily for generating diagrams. To share diagrams, you'll need to use the standard sharing features of Confluence or your server's capabilities.

Data Security & Privacy

Q: How does 'PlantUML for Confluence - Instant Diagrams from Text' handle data security?
A: The app processes your PlantUML code and sends it as a hashed string to for diagram generation. However, we strongly advise against using the app for diagramming sensitive data as this involves data transmission to a third party.